3G Trackimo® GPS Tracker + Battery + 1 Year GSM Service

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Trackimo GPS-GSM 3G Device price: $207.90

1 extra battery + charging cradle $9 (special price, regular $25)

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Total: $207.90

Trackimo® is an intelligent, 3G GPS-GSM tiny device allowing you to see on your mobile phone exactly every move and where your precious things are with automatic alerts as needed.

Device is including SIM card loaded with 1 year international cellular service and working out of the box.

Device is using GPS satellites and Cellular tower triangulation as second choice to compute the location of your device and report its location via the GSM cellular worldwide network straight to our servers and than to Trackimo web and phone app..

GPS service for the first year included – Only $5 per month after the first 12 month, the lowest monthly service cost of any tracking device worldwide.

The monthly service pays for the worldwide SIM card using the GSM network to report the real time positioning of the device (just like AT&T etc. has monthly fee). Free phone support. Free App iPhone & Android.

Note: In Japan, Korea, Canada and small parts of the US (US dominated by AT&T only) regular 2G trackers will not work. In these regions 3G Tracker will work well.

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