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Trackimo 3G GPS Tracker with Waterproof Box Kit

  • $239.94
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Trackimo 3G GPS Tracker with Waterproof Box Kit

Trackimo GPS-GSM 3G Device price: $129.98

1 year international cellular service: $60

Waterproof box + magnet for GPS Tracker + 3000mAh battery: $49.95

Total: $239.94

Trackimo is an intelligent 3G GPS-GSM Device that allows you to see through your mobile phone every move of someone - or something using the tracker with automatic alerts as needed.

The device uses GPS satellites and cellular tower triangulation to help compute the location of your device and report straight to our servers and then to the Trackimo web and phone app.

The box is very strong, has a very strong magnet attached to it and also special slots (can be seen beside the magnet) to hook it to farm animal belt, cargo, shipments, boat motors or expensive mobile construction equipment. 

If tracking once an hour or once a day is frequent enough, Trackimo has a special new software that can make the 3,000mAH battery lasts up to 3-12 months. Can also set for more frequent tracking during daytime and less frequent at night. (software is currently available only for Trackimo

Kit includes the following:

    - Device with SIM card, loaded with 1 year international cellular service
    - FREE GPS service* for the first year, ($5 per month after), the lowest service cost of any Tracking device worldwide
    - FREE app and phone support for iOS and Android
    - Waterproof box which houses the device and a 3,000mAh battery instead of the normal  600mAH, extending Battery life span to 10-18 days.
    - Special software* for extended battery life that could go for up to a year

        *GPS service pays for worldwide SIM card that uses GSM networks to report real-time positioning
        *Software currently available for Trackimo 3G tracking devices only.

        This set of box+3,000mAh battery is a new product arriving to our warehouse in 2 weeks. You can pre-order it now.

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