Trackimo GPS tracker universal drone attachment kit - 1 gram

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New - just arrived Trackimo universal drone attachment kit.
It's made of special velcro and designed to sustain hard landing.
It will fit 95% of drones and its about 1 gram weight compare to
other plastic attachment which are 10-20 grams.
Why Trackimo drone attachment kit is better than a plastic mount:
1. Using hard plastic mount, the Trackimo device usually snaps out 
     from the hard landing impact and may be lost.
2. The plastic mount has way more aerodynamic resistance 
     catching more air with the extra surface
3. The extra weight of a plastic attachment may affect the drone balance.

20% of drone owners lost their drone never to be found 

Reasons your drone can fly away:   
Fighting the wind
Radio interference
Faulty firmware upgrade
Loss of line of sight 
Software glitches
Bad Global Positioning System data
Loss of connections to controllers
Piloting error
30% of drone owners experienced flyaway
Never lose your drone - Get Trackimo NOW
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